Fountain pen B4 ribbed
  • Fountain pen B4 ribbed
  • Fountain pen B4 ribbed
  • Fountain pen B4 ribbed
  • Fountain pen B4 ribbed

Fountain pen B4 ribbed

Black / Sliver
Without engraving

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B4 fountain pen is made with a piston system for filling the ink tank. The fountain pen cap closes and seals the pen with a fine thread, which is opened by turning it counter-clockwise and closed by turning it clockwise.

A high-quality silicone piston expels air from the tank by turning the knob on the top of the body clockwise. Fountain pen tip then needs to be fully submerged into the ink before the knob is turned counter-clockwise to suck the ink into the reservoir and fill the pen. In the beginning, we can repeat this twice to make sure that the ink tank is full. This can be observed through the transparent window of the fountain pen. Wipe off the remaining ink with a tissue and the pen is ready to write. For writing, the fountain pen has a quality steel nib with an iridium tip for a long service life.

All metal parts are galvanically protected and give the B4 pens protection and a beautiful appearance. The grip of the fountain pen is ergonomically designed and enables tireless writing for a long time. Writing with a fountain pen allows for a quality of writing that cannot be achieved with any other pen.

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